Theme: How to make the system of checks and balances in the Republic of Macedonia operational Date: 10/31/2015

This topic dragged through the focus groups and the brainstorming in many different forms. In this context, there were discussions about the exceptionally high level of influence that the political parties have and which hinders the effective conduct of control between the different authority forms. The topic was in fact imposed as a result of the existing political crisis in the past few years. At the same time, it reflects the low level of confidence in the institutions. The dialogues for the selected topics will be held in the period January - March 2016. The findings from the research papers from the both teams were opposed - Team A: Kalina Lechevska, Ana Blazheva, Viktorija Borovska, Jordan Shishovski; Team B: Dane Taleski, Lura Polozhani, Marko Kmezic. The event was held on 24th of February at the Youth Cultural Center in the cinema hall Frosina.